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Originally Posted by 8th Rounder View Post
To play along since you are changing the parameters Kessel has had a higher pace twice out of 6 years than 67 points and a lower pace 4 times. One of those times by the way was narrowly when Kessel played with Marc Savard as his center, a better offensive center than Seguin has ever played with. And matchup? Often you put your selke winner against the other team top line so it isn't soft matchups.

Kessel does have lesser linemates but also gets more icetime/pp time so that helps as mitigating factor.

And I even said Kessel is better, for now. It is unlikely that Seguins point total at age 20will be his carear high.
I am changing no parameters. The first two years, Kessel didn't get put in a scoring role, much like Seguin in his first year. Comparing both in a scoring role, Kessel has paced more in 2 years (one, the most recent, significantly more, with Bozak as his center), and has paced 3 points less (but more goals) in the other 2 years.

The biggest difference is that Kessel faces the top shutdown players, and is often double-teamed, and Seguin faces top offensive players, who are mainly shut down by Bergeron.

Usually, a player does not hit his career high at 20. When that 20-year old is on a Stanley Cup contending, high scoring team, getting prime offensive opportunities and top minutes with good players while not even facing the shutdown units, it is a little more likely.

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