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02-18-2013, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Foligno and Barnes View Post
So Darcy thinks Lindy can miraculously just 'change' after 15 years? That's usually not how it works...what's that old saying again?
Lindy CAN and HAS changed. He can adapt too.

When he coached with Mike Babcock, he really took what he "learned" to heart, and also too far. We don't have the personnel Detroit has. Lindy tried a system similar to theirs and had varying degrees of success, but it stopped being consistently effective a while ago.

He also used to be a lot more involved and passionate during the game. That's gone now.

Can Lindy change again? Sure.
Will he, in any meaningful timeframe? I don't think so.
Would it matter anyway? I think it's too late for that.
Will he adapt to the failures happening right now? I'm not so sure. He's been much slower to adapt each generation of players.


The issue with what Darcy said isn't that he supported Ruff, that should be expected. It's how he did it, what he said. He basically laid it out that he has complete faith in Lindy, even if what he's doing now is failing, to change what he needs to in order to turn it around, and that any change of coach isn't happening for a while, if it does. I took his comments as saying things have to get a lot worse for a lot longer for a change to happen.

It wasn't a passive support, it was active support.

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