Thread: Confirmed with Link: Avs Recall Stefan Elliott
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02-18-2013, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Screams Drury trade to me. I probably even take Gardiner over Del Zotto. And I don't want Gards.

I know that we will probably lose any ROR trade but this unproven offensive dman return scares the bejesus out of me.

OFD are the hardest to evaluate at a young age.
And Del Zotto plays #4 and we ask him to be our #2.

I really did not know much about either Kreider or Miller. The only thing that I know is that I don't want Stepan from NYR.
But hearing about Kreider makes me believe that I really don't want him.

I dislike it. I want Kulikov + Shore

If we invest in huge unknowns, I want them to have the potential to be great (#1 dman). Del Zotto won't ever be that.
And it is Glen friggin Sather....

It could be another Drury trade in the making, but to be fair, O'Reilly is no where near Drury at the time when Drury was traded from the Avs. (though his upside is higher of course)

Miller, from what I have seen and read, is a guy that is a sure fire third line player with potential to turn into a top 6 guy. He can play all 3 forward positions. He beat out Kreider for a roster spot thus far this year with the Rangers. I think he is Galiardi with more potential.

Kreider probably has a higher ceiling, I think he could be a top tier NHL forward, but if he cannot find a home on the top 2 lines, his worth as a 3rd or 4th line player is up for debate right now. He had a magical run in the playoffs last year, but has failed to impress this year.

As far as Del Zotto goes, fans seem to think he is still a mixed bag and a one tool player....but several respected broadcasters are in love with him and think he is one of the next great things.

IMO the Avs can afford to take a risk on an offensive first D man at this point. They have ton of defense first defensemen on the roster right now. How often have Avs fans griped that if Liles was on the team the D would be better. Del Zotto is at least Liles in talent, and has a much higher two-way game potential.

Would I rather get Staal from the Rangers even up for O'Reilly, yeah....but at some point the Avs are going to have to just trade O'Reilly...and you will either get a deal that gets the Avs a slightly more proven player without much upside or a deal for a guy or two that are decent, but the reward is in their upside. Frankly at this point, the Avs need to take the risk on the higher upside guys.

IF the Avs do tank out and win the lotto, just think, you almost certainly start the season with Del Zotto, Johnson, and the newly drafted Jones (yes, I think he is NHL ready right now). You pick one of Elliott or Barrie and keep one of O'Byrne, Hejda, or Zannon. (hopefully trading O'Brien) Sign a mid-tier UFA D man. Just that easy you rebuild the D.

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