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02-18-2013, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by derriko View Post
I saw him last night for the 3rd time this season in the WHL (2 live, one on TV) and in the WJC's I think every game.

I don't get this guy. In the Worlds he played great hockey. Rushing the puck, leading the pp, playing good defensively, making no mistakes, yet when I see him in the dub he plays bipolar.

He will rush the puck up the ice showing his speed and skate through three people, yet the next rush he can barely hold the puck on his stick and make it to the red line.

He also had some pretty glaring brain farts against Tri last night. There was a scramble in his zone and he left his man in front of the net alone and tried to poke check someone at the faceoff dot.

Having said all that, hes just a rookie so I should cut him some slack. The only other top 3 prospect ive seen live in their draft year is Ryan Murray who never makes mistakes, though he couldn't do what Jones does on the offensive side.

Overall, I think he has franchise defenseman potential, but I don't think hes as refined a prospect as you usually get at 1st overall (though it could be argued that defenseman take longer to develop)
I wasn't around here in 2006 so I have no idea.... but I'm just wondering, Wasn't Erik Johnson getting this kind of hype leading up to his draft? Wasn't he labelled a 'can't-miss' franchise defenseman? And subsequently drafted 1st overall. Yet with all the potential in the world, he wasn't able to put it all together.

If this parallel makes any sense to you guys, then I wonder... would it be risky to take a defenseman like this 1st overall seeing what happened with Erik Johnson?

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