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02-18-2013, 12:50 AM
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This Mania looks awful. Yeah it will be clearer this time tomorrow, but YIKES.

The Rock v John Cena - Seen it before. Not very good the first time and everyone knows the result already. No intrigue.

Triple H v Brock Lesnar
- Seen it before. Meh the first time. No intrigue.

The Undertaker v CM Punk - Match will be the ***** like all other Punk/Taker matches. Punk has no ability to work big men. Little intrigue.

Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger - The build could be good because of one man and one man only (Dutch Mantell). Match will be meh and the fact Jack Swagger is in a title match at Mania is a joke. Little intrigue.

Kane v Danial Bryan - Seen it before. Little intrigue.

Dolph Ziggler v Chris Jericho - Seen it before. The matches they have are underwhelming and this match will probably be no exception. No intrigue.

Randy Orton v Mark Henry - Seen it MANY times. No intrigue.

I don't think they do IC/US title matches. Maybe they do 1, but not the other because they never have both belts booked. Also I think the ship has sailed on Mysterio/Cara, but they could still give them 8-10 minutes to get all of their **** in.

The following upper midcard guys are not really program bound:

The Shield
Cody Rhodes
Damian Sandow
Antonio Cesaro
Wade Barrett
The Miz
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio

Maybe the big "get everyone on the card" match will be a 4 corners match and we see some new teams formed (easy way to get the Shield on the card as a team and I think you do Ambrose/Rollins)

REALLY wish Ziggler would cash in and we could have MITB. Could have a killer MITB match with Cesaro, Christian, Sandow, Rhodes, Barrett, Dallas, Kingston, Mysterio.

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