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02-18-2013, 01:10 AM
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Yeah, there are quite a few guys that are big enough names that don't have anything.

I wouldn't be against maybe Sheamus (or Ryback) v Reigns at Mania and on the RTWM have Rollins/Ambrose take the Tag titles off of Kane/Bryan. That gets all Shield members on the card. I mean, they can't keep doing 6 man tag matches and be on special teams forever they need to start spreading wings.

Then you have a 4 corner match for the titles:

Team 3
Team 4

Mix and match from the list of names and it depends on how intent they are on Miz/Cesaro and Barret/Dallas. I don't think either makes it to Mania because how on Earth will they extend those programs 7 weeks and 14 episodes of TV?

Heck, a Barrett/Cesaro team looks pretty enticing to me and maybe you team Miz/Big Show or Miz/Christian or Big Show/Christian etc as Team 4.

To me a 4 corner tag Rollins/Ambrose, Sandow/Rhodes, Cesaro/Barret, Christian/Miz looks solid and continues to bring up the tag division and having Rollins/Ambrose go over at Mania keeps them on the path. I know some of these are just teams I am throwing together for the sake of fantasy booking, but there are 7 weeks to get the ball rolling and get these teams solidified if they wanted to. I dont think they would even go to the well for PTP, Cara/Mysterio, or Brodus/Sweet T (joke team and brings down the match). Maybe a a spot goes for Cara/Mysterio if they don't do the "dream Lucha match of a lifetime," but either one of Mysterio or Cara could be getting injured as you read this.

I think 4 corner Tag titles is the way to go for the "cluster ****" match. You could do Team Booker v Team Teddy, but we just saw that last year essentially. There will be that match that gets 8 guys on Mania, it is just figuring out what match it will be and how we get there.

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