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02-18-2013, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I just want to point out, for those who think his Swiss-A stats will translate into anything at the NHL level (and I'm not pointing fingers here - I'm just preempting this argument before it is brought up)...

When was the last time, outside of Brunner this year, that a guy in the top-20 in Swiss-A scoring had any impact whatsoever at the NHL level(3rd line or higher) after leaving the Swiss league (in a non-lockout year, of course: Joe Thornton doesn't count, haha)?

Oleg Petrov, 1999. 14 years ago.

Wes Walz also managed to revive his career in the Swiss leagues before his surprising return to the Minnesota wild as a depth 3rd liner.

Michael Nylander spent a year in the Swiss leagues in 1996, but that was over a contract dispute, not because he couldn't find a roster spot on the flames (he'd put up 55 points the previous year)

I went back all the way to 1987. That's it: Brenner, Petrov, Wes Walz as a reclamation project, and Nylander for one season in a contract dispute.

I'm not saying Omark can't come back and play in the NHL. Far from it. I want to make that clear.
What I AM saying, however, is not to trust Swiss League stats as holding any weight as proof of anything.
Glen Metropolit has 62pts in that league...nuff said.

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