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02-18-2013, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Atas, i would like to inform you Latvia is not a eastern european country,we are Northern Europeans,second of all,why cant we become a formiddable force someday,yeah our country is small,but finland is only 5 million big and theyre doing great,its all about the registered players in the country if we can double registered players we will be pretty good.
Come on, we are not Northern European country. Sure we can cite some designations by the UN or whatever and in our own country among themselves try to say that we are Northern Europe and maybe we indeed are (and I suppose in 20-30 years if economy continues to improve and we are even more integrated in Scandinavian circle with more Swedish and Norvegian companies and more ties here, someone would start to consider us Northern European but it will take a lot of time). We cann tell whatever we want but ask any person (not only from Russia or Western Europe what we are and the answer will be "half Russians in Eastern Europe") That's just reality. IMHO Czechs have already escaped this designation and are considered Central Europe already and maybe the same will happen with us (or at first Estonia) but we are not there yet...

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