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02-18-2013, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
hmm interesting, never considered these

30 is a bit steep for socks but it's one of the most devastating injuries you see out there so probably well worth it

i just don't know how the boys would react in a rookie league to a guy in kevlar socks lol
You have to put it into perspective.

Breaking your wrist for example is bad. But you can still get around and do things. Go to work etc. Its also not going to really effect any others part of your body.

Now suffering a serious leg injury effects just about everything your do. You cant get around easily, maybe you have to miss work or school etc. And not being able to properly place your weight while walking will effect your knees, hip alignment and quite possibly your back. Thats without getting into the long term effects that injury can have on your life.

Karlsson of course will have the best care.

How many of your drunken beer league players will respond appropriately?

I work in health and safety and its not uncommon for people to dismiss something as too expensive without assessing the alternative costs based on severity of the incident and potential.

I can tell you now $30 is beans especially if a normal pair of decent socks is going to cost you $5. The $25 difference makes up for the potential loss if an injury does happen.

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