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02-18-2013, 04:00 AM
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Damn! You guys broke my ankle I fell down laughing so hard.

First at the dude who suggests that Whitney is worth a decent prospect and then the troll-like Sens fan who suggests that Stone is worth as much as a 1st rounder.

You can't imagine how much less time I ended up spending watching hockey after finding HFboards, because such comments are an adequate replacement to sitcoms. Now if I could meet Charlie Sheen and tell him what a self indulgent dork is is after watching 2 1/2 men or tell Bob Sagat that he's doing serious psychological damage to all of his family members by being a TV personality... I'd never have shown up here in the first place.

Down to business.

No. That wasn't trollish. That was supposed to be funny. Yes, I'm eccentric. Haha.

To Ottawa:
2013 2nd rounder
Ryan Whitney

To Edmonton:
1st rounder in 2013 or 2014 (Ottawa has the choice at the draft table)
Mark Stone

The crazy and hilarious idea to poke jokes at is that if Spezza and Karlsson were healthy, the Sens would be in great shape. Chances are they won't make the playoffs this year. Yes. I'm sorry. I'm a pessimist.

I don't even think that Whitney would be the difference for making the playoffs, but he might be good enough to keep them competitive enough so that they sell significantly more tickets than they might otherwise be selling a month from now. If things go horribly bad, at least they can choose to hold onto the lottery pick.

Next year will be different. Ottawa has tons of young blood which will be more mature and ready to make a bigger impact. I refuse to believe they'll be looking at coughing up another lottery pick next year.

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