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02-18-2013, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
For the first, i dont want to trade Gagner before we have a 2 c who can play both ways, who can drive the play,who can win us Fo in a regular basis and can play hard around the boards.
Two problems with this. First, the "total package" center you outline above is not an abundant commodity. Second, we have the dumbest man in hockey seeing to it that the team acquire such a player. Good luck if that's what you're waiting for.
Gagner a regular 40p guy with offensive qualitys who cant play hard and cant win enough Fo in regular basis, he do his best but his best isnt good enough for a team to contend for the ring.
Are you telling me I couldn't go through the list of SC champions to date and find a team that won with a worse 2C than Sam Gagner? I didn't think so.
Gagner isnt a 2c , he doesnt take that responsible and cant do it because hes to weak/small and hes skating is below average and his puckprotection is weak and we tried him at the wing before(looked horrible). His improvements in the bad areas is invisible, his fo stats says that and he is -2. hes been owned big by Umberger,stastny and duchene lately nothing wrong about that but it has looked so freakin easy and not even close.
So really all of the above - like your contention that he could never center the second line on a championship team - are not facts, rather opinions, born of a combination of your cherry-picking bias against the player, the extent to which you blame one player for the overall softness of the team, and most unbelievable, your willingness to write off a player who is only twenty three and has somehow survived the wasteland that has been our Edmonton Oilers hockey club for the last five seasons.
Gagner is depending on a driver in his lines
False. When I see that line gain possession of the zone smoothly its almost always a result of Gagner carrying the puck through neutral and making the smart pass.
he will never be a 2 c in a champion team and thats why i doesnt think Gagner is a fit with us when we take a run at the cup!
How about since we aren't going to be a championship team anytime soon, and the "total package" guy you want seems currently unavailable .... how about we just hold onto the player and see what happens over the next few seasons? Let the GM try to fill a few of the more glaring needs on the team rather than working to rid himself of his current leading scorer.

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