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02-18-2013, 04:17 AM
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Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
I know Schroeder has looked good, but a prime-aged Vermette would be a very nice addition for us.
Agreed. He'd be about perfect. And i've said it before...i'll say it again, i'd swap him straight up for Vermette right off the bat. If Schroeder lives up to his offensive potential eventually and hits 65pts be it, but Vermette already hit that once. Not that i'd expect anything anywhere close from him...realistically he's a ~50pt center and probably a ~40pt guy in the role the Canucks would use him in. There's also the age difference and contract difference...but honestly, i think it'd be worth it. It's not like Vermette is ancient and washed up or anything. Fits in well with the age of the core and would contribute more than Schroeder at all ends of the ice right now. LH faceoff guy, PK, etc.

But i just don't see why Phoenix would be willing to part with him at this point. So...time for other more plausible options i guess. That ship sailed last year when we acquired Pahlsson instead.

Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
He would be playing on the 4th line, and taking big draws. It's not like we are talking about bringing someone in who would play alot.
Just think about how painfully slow the new 'bulked up Lappy' has looked to start the season. Now multiply that by a million. Then you've got Handzus. Even on the 4th line, slow players are a poor fit in Vancouver. It just doesn't fit with AV's system and the way things work there.

Originally Posted by untouchable21 View Post
I'd consider Antropov for Bill Sweatt and a 2nd.
I'd prefer that 2nd be a 3rd, but honestly...who are we kidding. If a guy like Gaustad is worth a 1st at the deadline...Antropov can probably demand a 2nd rounder...and i don't much care about giving up Sweatty Bill. Probably best for him as well, as i just don't see where he ever fits in the NHL for Vancouver.

Antropov checks all the boxes. Big, LH faceoff guy, defensively responsible, can put up some points and generate offense, seems like a pretty low-maintenance guy, and can obviously play the Wing if needed. I'd make the deal.

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