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02-18-2013, 04:32 AM
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I forget which yr it was, maybe two yrs before Crosby but I remember Ramzi Abid tearing the stat sheet apart not long ago too.

As for the question? Could? Oh yes. Will? Likely. I lived in Hali my whole life till a yr and a half ago. My folks still live back home but I am in Calgary. So yeah... I left after the teams drinking (save for Voracek) + facing Giroux in the playoffs and Marchand being a selfish jerk ended one of the mooses best yrs. I left after the Marchand backlash caused the team to be worse than ever before. I left just as some of their many many high draft picks were starting their first games.

About 5 games into this season I sent my father an email saying I truthfully believe that, at this level of hockey, Drouin is better than MacKinnon. I always believed that since and still do. I have also always believed and still do that MacKinnon will be picked before Drouin in the draft. I never predicted the current ISS I have thought it would be Jones (depending on winning team but Jones is unreal) followed by Mac and Dru.

About three weeks ago I sent my father an email telling him how I think Drouin actually has a very good chance of winning the Q league pts championship and that I only realistically see Jaskin being a threat.

I still think this is the case. Interestingly he called me a week later saying an article in a Hali news paper was suggesting the same thing. They just looked at numbers tho. I might have been over confident in Drouin for no good reason since the start and got lucky in things happening the way I thought they would all along but. I believe Jaskin roughly maintains his ppg and Drouin elevates his game even further in the final stretch. The last 2-3 weeks of the season. I believe he is a clutch player like Briere who is built for important moments and especially the playoffs.

I also suggested in that email he is a serious contender compared to the OHL for pts but that winning the CHL pts championship would be pretty unrealistic due to the dub.

We shall see how this season ends... But if things continue how I've expected this yr (well in regards to Drouin at least) I feel almost sure barring injuries or whatnot he finishes with at least 2.1 ppg and pts championship.

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