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12-18-2003, 11:30 AM
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I'm with IM - I'm getting a yuck or two out of some of thse responses. As with IM, it's not personal, but it is pretty funny.

Originally Posted by sinisalo
Yeah, he didn't get much of a chance here. Nor did he stand out when given any semblance of a chance.

I don't know why, but the Flyer's organization does not give players many chances before they ship them out. Clarkie goes through a lot of players.
Note that they ship them out if they can play in the NHL but can't break the Flyer lineup. They could very well have let him rot with the big club just in case they needed somebody to fill a spot. He was already scratched half the time as it was. The NHL is not a proving ground, it's a producing ground.

Originally Posted by Mojo
I still disagree with the Comrie trade. It just weakens us for the post CBA NHL, and doesnt help our team where we really need it. I mean, great, we have three power play units now, and the best fourth line center in the NHL. I would have at least gone after a good young goalie for what we gave up.
I don't see how the Comrie trade weakens the Flyers. This morning, either the Inquirer or Daily News reported that Winter was after a one-year deal and the Flyers wanted a two-year contract. Both sides acknowledged that something would get done, as it wasn't a deal-breaking sticking point. Anyway, the Flyers don't seem too concerned about adding the $2M next year it would cost to sign him now. Financially, it doesn't seem to be a big deal to the team.

As far as improving the team, I think a creative forward is exactly what this club needed, and they added him for zilch, zippo, nada off their current roster. It's not addition by subtraction, it's addition by addition (a novel business plan). Regardless, you suggested that the Flyers need a young goaltender. Said very kindly in response: ugh! Does either of Esche or Hackett not hold the door open well enough? Who was this young goaltender going to be an upgrade over? Armed with the knowledge that they already have and are high on Robert Esche, and that Jeff Hackett has a no-trade clause, how is sitting one of them in the press box nightly an upgrade? Okay - step away from the keyboard, Stan.

For what it's worth, the NHL is going to have to include some sort of grandfather clause or annual reduction in a luxury tax or salary cap, because every big-market team would be gutted and the NHLPA would not be happy if the league went with a once-and-for-all cap figure right from the start. But that's another story...

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