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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
jeez, 61-41 for Sakic, and that's 23-12 if you just count regular and reasonably well-known HOH members, not just people who came in, voted, and left.
Sakic has the clear and decisive edge career wise. I don't dispute that. I dispute that at their absolute bests Yzerman was a better player.

Why would you discount voters opinions because in your mind they are not in the hf history section elite club? Many voters, like myself have followed both of their careers in their entirety, but don't spend countless hrs a day debating it on here, so therefore our opinions aren't as valuable or likely to be as accurate as those who do spend countless hrs debating in this section(some who have never seen them at their best BTW)? How does one gain membership to this club?

When players are close, to me, peak level is more important than sustaining it for a longer time frame. Doing it for longer or more consistently doesn't make them a better player.

I don't debate that Sakic had the better career, I debate that at their absolute best the edge is decisive in Stevie Y's favor. If you can agree to that, then the question becomes, what is more important the better career/longer prime or the higher peak. For me, it's the higher peak.

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