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07-11-2006, 07:08 PM
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OT: Basic music extraction question???

You all must know, if not you'll know now how stupid I am regarding computers, mp3, wma and everything that looks or sounds like it.

I have a CD that I want to put in my computer by ''extraction''. I use the ''Lecteur WMA'' 'cause I like it, find it user friendly.....Anyway, it seems that by default, when I extract the CD it saves the songs in the lowest quality possible.

But in the ''Options'' there's obviously the possibility to save it at the highest quality so my questions are:

1- Which format should I use WMA or MP3 to have the greatest sound closest to the CD itself, but with the possibility to hear it in my car or anywhere else than by my computer ( My understanding is that WMA can play everywhere not MP3 but MP3 have the best sound quality....

2- But whatever If I choose WMA or MP3, is there that much of a difference that I have to take the highest quality possible, but will take tons of space or can I just choose a middle rate. In the end, would you tell me at what KBits/s should I save my songs to have the best quality vs not much space taken.....


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