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02-18-2013, 06:46 AM
Henri M
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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
I honestly believe I never said that.

If you want Granlund promoted, you'll have to break up those lines. I'm asking, which one do you want broken?

The 1st line with our three leading scorers?
The 2nd line that finally looks great with addition of Zucker; on the forecheck but also good offensively?
The 3rd line that features two of our best PKers + Larsson that was great along the boards?
Are you f-in kidding me?

The first line has been lackluster to say the least, they get most of their points on PP, but other than that they have been quite bad. Even last game, the firstline goal was good work by Pärisee and Koivu, but Heatley more or less faned on a shot which luckely found its way into the goal.

2nd line looked great? One good rush due to the Red Wings defence ******** the bed. Zucker looked like he had alot of speed and jump, but other than his awesome goal I saw nothing to proclaime that 2nd line to be anything other than "decent".

Larsson looekd great? What game were you watching? He did more or less nothing the whole game.

Look, I do not mind them on the team, but if you want to make a case for them over Granlund on the 2nd and 3rd line, you should have an argument more grounded in reality.

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