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Originally Posted by hockey jockey View Post
I have been told that Noel and Picco who both are at Shattuck the last two years have had to pay there way like the rest of the students somewhere in the 40-50k range not sure what Noels father does for a living but Picco's dad is a Lawyer.I am sure there are different deals for each situation, two other NFLD players that I know of that went away are Scales and Howell I think both are in Ontario.
All 4 of these kids are extremely gifted players. Scales lives in Labrador, which does not have a AAA midget team. He would have to go somewhere to play a reasonable level of hockey. A prep school was only sensible route for him. Holwell is living with a relative, though I hear now he may be back for U16 newfoundland team and Q Draft.
Nathan Noel was so far above the pack it made sense to leave for better competition. His success at Shattuck shows this was a sensible move. Picco was already living away from his home town (3 hours) to play hockey. Buddies with Noel, so it was a sensible move logistically for him. It is not about the parents with these kids. I know them all. Logistics here are far harder than on the Mainland, hence one of our AAA midget teams folded earlier this year. Some of the kids face a 2 hour or more, road trip each way, just to practice. The expense can be huge with travel, so the prep school fees are not a huge jump. Living away with generous relatives can be the only way for some to manage financially.
Each one of these kids will be a legitimate NHL prospect if they continue to develop and stay healthy.
All the current NHL players from here had to leave the province to develop

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