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02-18-2013, 07:53 AM
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I think he's probably still over in Finland until the grievance is resolved.

No word yet on the grievance but the details are pretty much that he was checked out prior to the lockout and the Panthers medical staff at the time gave him a clean bill to play if the season started in October. Once the lock out started, he went over to Finland to play and apparently re-aggravated an injury that was from last yr in the playoffs. When examined by his doctors, they told him he should've never been cleared to play in the first place. The 2 part grievance is basically that 1. he should've been paid during the lockout since it was an injury from last yr and 2. that he should not be suspended now because of re-aggravating that injury because he should've never been playing to start with.

No I dont think he will play this yr based on comments on these boards from people closer to him. He needs surgery and because of the grievance, he's not able to even get that until its resolved. By the time he does have the surgery, then he'll have to rehab & with a shorted season, its not enough time anyway to get him back in the lineup.

His relationship with the org is definitely a question mark. I'm not sure whether its over or not. I think it would depend on how the grievance is resolved TBH. If its proven that the Panthers medical staff was wrong, then I think they'll do what they can to repair the injury and the relationship. If Bergy is proven wrong, then it could be a negative to the org and I can definitely see Tallon thinking about moving him once he's healthy. I'm thinking right now that it will be the latter situation and Bergy is probably gone once he's healthy again.

He's definitely missed cause we could use his defensive play right now among the forwards. That 3rd line last yr was very good with him helping to shut down opposing forwards. His offense last yr was just a bonus so I dont think that is as missed this yr, especially now that another scoring line has emerged.

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