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02-18-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
No one knows where PK will end up, but learning "hockey sense" is a hard thing. He's got all the talent of the top guys so, if somehow he has an epiphany and becomes dominant on the mental side, he will surely be considered elite. I just wouldn't bet on that happening.
You've repeated this often. What's this lack of hockey sense you're talking about?
Pk has no problem reading plays. The only time he is caught out of position is when he tries to deliver a hit, but that's a timing issue not hockey sense.

PK's flaw was/is that he wants to do it all. He wants to deliver the big hit, score the big goal, make the big plays. He has the talent to do all of these things, he lacks a bit of poise, but that's something he'll improve on with time. He already improved compared to last year.

So again, what are these mental mistakes? You're pretty much backing up my idea that you're not seeing things correctly and your assessment of PK isn't very precise.

Everybody makes mistakes, but it makes no sense that someone who lacks hockey sense can be as effective as PK was playing big minutes versus top opponents. He wouldn't be making all those nice plays if he lacked sense.
Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Dude, you are the one who has been trying to pass your "advanced stats" off as gospel when it comes to ranking players. Obviously they can be useful, but they certainly can be diminished when you try to use them to argue that PK Subban is equal to or better than Oliver Ekman-Larsson.
Actually all I said was that the stats are saying the opposite of what you are, and coincidentally (or not so much), exactly what I saw. At the very least, it is a close call. I said they are on par, that the difference comes from a playing style. One is a lot more aggressive than the other, and because of that, he can be caught.
I attribute this to timing and experience, you think it's hockey sense.

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