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02-18-2013, 09:12 AM
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Again, this board seems to be suffering from a case of diagnosing players on their own based on nothing but a few seconds of video review.

You don't see how he lands in the replay. I've checked at least 5 times. The angle is really poor and it cuts out right before he lands.

From that angle, its possible that he lands on his head, yes, but what looks more likely to me is that he lands on his shoulder, with his head following shortly thereafter.

While I can sit here and muse how his facial expressions mean he has a concussion, I wont. I think a stronger possibility is that when he fell he twisted his body so he landed on his shoulder and back more and the wind was knocked out of him - explaining his dazed look. I think a strong possibility is also that he awkwardly fell on his neck and suffered from whiplash. Unless his head violently whipped unto the ice after he made initial contact (which we don't see) I don't see how this could be that injury. Either way, we can't just assume its a concussion, especially after that review.

Hoping its not the worst, a few maintenance days, and then back on the ice.

Jeez, had he gotten up on his own and skated to the wrong end of the ice you people would probably diagnose him with premature dementia.