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02-18-2013, 09:17 AM
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so after a while I've decided I'm not a warrior guy... I find their entire line is built for wide short people even in large, they are too short but the waist is built for like a 36-38 kinda person

I'm back using my old green tackla's overtimes

a big thing "I" find between pants is the swing weight of the pants as well as the fit....

I've since bought a pair of Easton's and those too didn't work for me so well, and threw out my back every time I went for a skate (weird right?)

but yah its all preference, and for Shinny, as long as there is decent tailbone, and front padding (for blocking shots) you should be fine

if I were still playing contact? I'd want tall waist protector and a padded belt for crosschecks... i'd got for totalOne's for sure or the new CCM UL pro

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