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02-18-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by trouty View Post
The defence is exactlly how i expected,young inexperienced making mistakes,bright spots Melchorri Charrot 2 best

Netminding Pazqualle been beyond terrible and probobly cost the Caps more games then hes won.

Forwards Teligin has been good if he adds weight and musicle he will be good

O Dell beyond the best all around prospect,can play between any 2 guys

Klingberg has unfortunitly 1 year left before he stays in Sweden no team will waste a vet slot on him

Cormier heart and sole really love what he brings game in game out

Maxime Mass -had great start to year,lockout ended he returned and became Spencer part 2 another invisable guy

Maxwell-this guy who knows,out of the bunch hes trying the most,i just think Ben's having a offyear honestly

Spencer-attitude coming into St.John's did zero for 2 months,when hint lockout might end he did put up points,soon as he was sent back to Caps does not care,and prob wont do anything rest of season hes totally tuned out now

Gagnon-just no clue where this guys been all year,thou sunday he played his best game

O Neil thou u all love him,is prob the worst rook D and would benifit in Colorado,but i dont see Jets sending him

Sol-I think can be a force hes a big boy but needs to bulk up,once he does bulk god watch out

Most bright spots are being provided by non Jet Prospects unfortunitly,most times the ahl guys are providing the spark
Originally Posted by trouty View Post
I never listened nor bothered to check the score,ill give the effort the Jets prospects give and thats zero.Its sad that i wish we sit 90 percent of the Jets Prospects and and play ahl and echl contract guys,thats how much people in St.John's value your farm,some of them anit even worth a 7th rounder nor loanable

Becides O Dell Telegin,Melichori Charot Jaffrey and Cormier,anything else that is a Jet propect has been useless,and fans here would rather them sit then play.

Either or next year will be better so better days ahead
Thanks trouty for the updates on the Jets' prospects. I usually don't visit this thread, as I can't see much down there that will ever make a difference for the Jets now that Redmond and Postma are up, and you have pretty much confirmed that. But we did get a team with a prospect cupboard pretty bare. Our best prospects are in Junior or the NCAA so chances are pretty good at least some of them will spend some time on the rock.

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
1) None of the STJ pieces were TNSE pieces; next season will be the first season you receive "build from the draft" parts, and even then it will take probably two years to move the deadweight... After that it'll be more maintanence.
2) Melchiori, Cormier, Telegin and O'Dell are the only pieces I see with NHL potential, and Telegin is the only one with above bottom rung potential. Mach, Mace + Max are a bit of a touchy topic here but they likely are as good now as they will ever be.

So I wasn't really expecting much...
I agree garret on all your points.

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