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02-18-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by CarknerCountry View Post

Some here think all our prospects will be superstars dont ever mention Murray must make a deal lol...Silf hasnt been impressive but to some here hes a top 6...Is the potential there? of course but who knows..

Losing doesnt help the development of young players..Murray has to act NOW..Some here willput words in my mouth and say we dont need a quick fix or trade youth for this year i agree...But guys like ROR and PERRY and WEISS can be a fixture for many years..I understand Perry and Wiess are UFA wouldnt make a deal unless they are signed...

If you dont make a bold move trading a couple of prospects then what?

Gonchar is gone Philly and Alfie are aging.

Will silf be a top 6 next year?

Whats Zibby's offensive potential?

alot of question marks.

But wait its the second year of a rebuild...fack i hate when people say that..


and others we have a great prospect pool...But wont be room for all we need to deal a couple for a proven player like ROR for NEXT YEAR...
Like most people on this board, I realize it's useless to spend time with you but what is it that you don't understand?

Do you really want to give Zibanejad + Greening + 1st to acquire Perry and watch him sign this summer with a team that is not afraid of spending?

Don't you realize how stupid it is for a rebuilding team to acquire UFA stars just to be out of the playoffs anyway?

Yes Murray could trade Zibanejad, our next 2 first round picks, Stone, Noesen, Lehner, Puempel... and salvage this season... but unless it's the end of the world in 2013, can you please give me 1 ****ing reason?

No problem if we acquire 1 or 2 UFAs to be for cheap but not those with a high price tag. You have no idea how madly Murray would get bashed if he traded for Perry, even if we sign him to an extension. People will say "could have waited this summer and sign him for free! Fire Murray"

I have been around long enough, I know exactly how HF works.

As for acquire RoR, yes why not? But depends on the price tag. When we got Turris, people wanted to lynch Bryan Murray, as he "overpaid" for the young center... O'Reilly is going to cost even more than Rundblad + 2nd, most likely Silfverberg + 1st, but I wouldn't give more than Silfverberg + Greening. I hope Murray agrees

Conclusion : I'm all for acquiring young rising stars, but it's not like other teams are dying for trading them in a quality for quantity deal

Wake up to reality

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