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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
There seems to be this prevailing theory that Gagne "only" wanted to go to Tampa Bay. That didn't really manifest itself leaving after just one year, and as soon as he got there, he was saying in interviews he was only staying one year.

That's the deal Holmgren got (and I think he thought Walker was a good player), and Gagne could either waive his no-trade to go there, or be waived and get claimed by Edmonton. You tell me which you'd rather do.

"I'm not stupid," Gagne said. "When I was wondering where I might go, I was looking around to see what kind of players I could play with. I need a big year. With the Lightning, I see a team that is willing to make some moves to get back into the playoffs. I like the way Steve Yzerman is thinking. They're a young team with Vinny, with Marty, with Steven Stamkos. That helped me make the decision to waive my no-trade contract."
Him wanting to leave after a year seems irrelevant. Sounds like he wanted to have a big year before he hit UFA and Tampa had the talent to pump up his numbers.

I don't know if there were other teams he was willing to waive his no trade clause for and maybe Holmgren thought Walker was a good player. There really is no way to prove either point. I think he wanted to go to Tampa and Holmgren made it happen. The Flyers have always tried to do right by its players, well the ones they like anyway, even if it doesn't benefit the club, just like when they traded Roenick for nothing to L.A. because he wanted to go to the west coast. Since it was just a salary dump, like with Roenick, I think the organization tried to do its best for a long standing player.

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