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Late additions: how does it work?

This may have been covered on this board already, but who knows where..

so forgive me if that's the case and let's see who has a clear picture on this.

With the NHL season going on longer and deeper into Spring than usual, it may become more relevant than in standard years the opportunity to add players from other leagues whose seasons finish earlier.

This particularly applies to KHL, whose playoffs are about to start already.

So, the main question is, do those players (or some of them) need to clear waivers to join a NHL team this late?
there may be a difference between players already owned by a NHL team (maybe even with a valid NHL contract) and those who are currently NHL UFA?

are they even allowed to join in March or are there exceptions to that?

Thanks in advance for your clarifications.

On a secondary note, who are the main candidates? i know A.Kostitsyin may join the Panthers once his KHL season is over; heard of anyone else?

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