Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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02-18-2013, 09:58 AM
J17 Vs Proclamation
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Arguments can be made for 5/6 players that might end up as the best player from this draft, and i think other players might have more top end statistical upside, but i'd seriously consider taking Barkov at #1 (Even though i fully expect him not to go there). He doesn't skate like Mackinnon,isn't as visually spectacular as Drouin, but looking down the line, when hopefully we are contending, Barkov screams out as the type of player you want. Intangibles and defensive ability as attributes are often overstated in hockey, but i can envisage Barkov being an elite player in all facets of the game. He plays a very calm, calculated and mature brand of hockey. Incredibly amount of patience and poise. When you blend this in with the raw attributes ; the size, the vision, the elite hands, the good shot and you IMO have a world class hockey player. His skating can improve, but it isn't a defiency, and his style has less emphasis on skating speed anyway. To me, Barkov will have a Sundin/Kopitar type career. A durable player with great offensize numbers is reliable in all areas. What is not to love?

Of course, i'd be extremely content with any of the Top 5 available Forwards. It's reasonable to believe all five are capable of become top tier offensive players in the future IMO.

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