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02-18-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
That doesn't mean games developed for sony & MS next system won't also be ported to the U, though. Right now, games that have been in development for quite awhile for the current gen aren't being ported - I'm guessing there's too much work involved and devs figure that by the time ports could be done, folks who want the games would likely already have them on one of the other two systems. And the releases for these titles can't be delayed, because the next systems would then be out and likely kill the sales anyway. It would be great if some of these games would be ported, but I think it's more likely that whatever cross-party titles come out for next gen will be ported instead.

What Nintendo needed to do was have more of their own titles lined up to come in during January, February, and March to help differentiate it from the Wii and bridge the gap to E3 announcements. Instead, these months are deader than Dillinger.
Maybe, maybe not.

That is why some of the recent developer talks of a 3rd party, top game, selling way under expectations on the Wii U is concerning.

There's this odd year gap in between where Nintendo should be stealing users before the next gen... but they kinda aren't.

Of course they have their own dedicated fans for the various Nintendo game series' but 3rd party games seem to be having a tough time.

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