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02-18-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
you can't really exclude it, everyone expected Cena to win and he lost clean.

I could see why you exclude the Sheamus one, since Cena beat himself.

Though I'd love to see Cena do something like this

I love how when Hurricane wins they still play Stone Cold's music Yeah, Hurricane really got a rub there! That angle was all about Austin/Rock and was never supposed to elevate Hurricane.

As far as Cena goes, he's the new Hogan in the sense that he's the superman that never loses clean anymore since he's Vince's official top face for forever. His WM 28 match against the Rock surprised me but I doubt it happens again any time soon. Even Hogan had his one match where he lost absolutely clean and that was to Warrior at WM 6. Pretty sure every other loss he had was a screwjob/interference or lame DQ or Count out and even Hogan wasn't afforded any Triple Threat match Protection during his main WWF run.

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