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Originally Posted by Max Talbot View Post
Exactly Sid loves the chemistry. Is there some quotes by Sid where he mentions needing a winger? Im saying even thinking back a few years? (Edit: not that hes the tyoe of guy that would do that publicly anyway)

Or is it just some pre conceived notion by all us Pens fans and we assume he wants a star for his wing? But maybe thats not the case? Its not like him and Malkin play great when they put them together. Maybe Sid likes having his own line where he can carry the mail and make all the decisions. Whos to say a guy like Iginla would come in here and dominate?
I think you nailed it with the bold there. He will never say he wants better wings publicly. He didn't say anything in 2009 either; but does anyone believe he was anything but thrilled when we brought in Kunitz and Guerin?

Originally Posted by Max Talbot View Post
I guess we all think back to that half season with Hossa and honestly I dont remember if he played with Sid or Malkin? I kinda blocked that season out of my mind. But if Hossa did play with Sid he did nothing with him during the regular season, and then took off in the playoffs but that wasnt because of chemistry with Sid that was because Hossa took his game to a whole new level and hes an elite talent when motivated.
Well both he and Hossa were injured for parts of the rest of that regular season. Come playoff time, they were tremendous together. And the part about them not necessarily needing chemistry is exactly what I think we could use. Someone who can come in and play well regardless of Sid. Kunitz and Dupuis need Sid or Geno to be the players they are. Teams know that and just throw blanket coverage at Sid and Geno and force those guys to beat them. Bringing in someone that can punish teams for that is my ideal acquisition. Someone that can create offense on their own.

Originally Posted by Max Talbot View Post
Idk I guess I would take an Iginla or Stewart, but honestly Im more concerned with Malkins LW then Dupuis on Sids RW.
Malkin's LW is the bigger hole right now for sure. But if we brought in an upgrade for Sid, either Kunitz or Dupuis could slide down into that spot for the time being. Wherever he plays, we absolutely need one more wing. I think getting Dupuis pushed to the third line would be ideal. He is a perfect player to have ready to step up in case of a top 6 injury.

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