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02-18-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
And scoring goals.

Guy has impressed me, I'd say.
The first two goals he scored were real beauties. He can really hammer the puck.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
How was Tokarski? Surely seemed that he was extremely bad on the 1st goal....but how about the rest of the game?
I didn't think he was all that good but perhaps it was just nerves for the 1st game. I didn't see the entire game though.

Originally Posted by Top Corner2 View Post
I think we around here underrate Pateryn....

Losing him was a big loss for this team and he may be our best & most ready D-man on the farm (after perhaps St.Denis)..
The NCAA guys tend to get underrated, I'd like to see Pateryn improve on moving his feet quicker but he's impressing at both ends of the ice right now and to think that he's barely played all year while others have been in game shape since oct/nov.

If St-Denis wasn't injured, i'm not sure who they would call up first, my guess is it would be Tinordi unless they wanted someone for the right side, so it would have to be either Pateryn or St-Denis since he can play RD with ease.

Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
What are the D pairing with everyybody healthy?
Stjeskal is likely playing his best hockey since he's been with the Dogs, but I can't see them sitting DeSantis or Ellis for him so I would assume that when St-Denis is back, which last I heard was going to be soon, they would go with,

Beaulieu Pateryn
Tinordi St-Denis
DeSantis Ellis

Perhaps they would consider rotating Ellis and Stejskal since he's a RFA this summer and they might want to continue getting a look at him as he is playing better and has been more physical of late which hopefully means he's getting more confident as the physical should be a big part of his game at the pro level but that hasn't really been the case from what i've seen.

Originally Posted by galchenyuktocollberg View Post
Can someone right a paragraph on how Ellis tinordi and beaulieu are doing thanks in advance
Beaulieu has been up and down. At times you can see him start to take over a game as he can be all over the ice and uses his tools well (skating/speed/strength/passing) but other times he makes glarring mistakes in his own end that can leave you shaking your head. That said he's got a good mix of offensive skills to go with solid physical abilities, really hope the Habs take their time with him as I would hate to see him get rushed.

Tinordi just came back from an upper body injury, he's been a surprise for me in that he's made the transition quicker/more easier then I expected he would. His skating/mobility has also surprised me as he looks really good on his skates. I do expect to see him get in some games with the Habs next year, although I hope they don't rush him either as I would like to see him spend more time in Hamilton if possible. But he plays such a smart safe steady game and excells on the PK, so I wouldn't be shocked if he saw more time.

Ellis has been solid for the most part, he's been good at both ends of the ice, although I'd like to see him get quicker.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Today (3 PM start) is the Bulldogs season. They are 11 points back of 8th place Rochester. Rochester has 2 games in hand.

However, the Bulldogs face them 4 more times after this game.

Regulation win is a must if there is any hope of getting into the race.
should be an interesting game, guessing Mayer will be in net, but despite winning the last 2 games with the 2 different goalies, imo neither looked very sharp in their games.

Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
How posters that watch the Bulldogs games regulary would say about Tinordi actual physical play, how he developed that aspect during the season ? I mean I watched some games during the lockout and I thought that yes he was a good skater, yes he had a mature defensive game, but I really thought that he needed to improve his physical, mean side of him to really be the player he can be in the NHL.
Personally I think some Hab fans are going to be disappointed with Tinordi's physical play. While he can dish out some big hits, and does so, I wouldn't say he's overly physical but perhaps that will change as he gets more experience as a pro under his belt. Right now he seems to be more focused on playing safe, smart defensive hockey and it's working.

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