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02-18-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
no.. it's because a few said lemieux is popular now because of his off ice stuff like charity and saving the pens. and some did say Crosby is slightly ahead in popularity. What i got so far here is that if you compare Mario in early 90's as a player vs Sid today as a player during their hockey careers, sid wins popularity.. but after what mario did outside of hockey, plus as a player, mario wins.

i'm getting that maybe it's because hockey today is way more popular in pittsburgh than it was during mario's prime. is this possible?? if it is, it's a real shame.
Mario is head and shoulders the most popular hockey player in Pittsburgh history even without what he's done after his playing career. We just happen to have had some pretty great guys in other sports as well. Being great at your sport isn't enough to get anyone to the top of the list here. You better be a damn good person off the field/ice too. That's what boosts Clemente and Lemieux above the rest; they had the combination of being great at their sport and just being great people. A guy like Bradshaw - who QB'd 4 Superbowl winners in a Football town -- isn't even in the discussion.

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