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02-18-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by BringBackChara View Post
You need to give your head a shake dude if you think Neil is as bad a Cooke. Talk about a blatant PENS HOMER.

Neil will stick up for his teammates and is accountable for his actions, like when he nailed Boychuk (ON A CLEAN HOCKEY HIT). He fought Chara afterwards. He has never been supsended by the league. He is a heart and soul player that would bleed for his teammates. The kind of player you want on your team. HE IS IN NO WAY = TO MATT COOKE.
I never said Neil was as bad as Cooke or that they were equal in terms of dirty play. Try actually reading what I write instead of making inferences. I said IF Mario is a hypocrite, then so is Melnyk. That was my point and it is correct. Every owner is paying the salary of a goon (Cooke isn't really a goon. more of a agitator/cheapshot artist although again that is more in the past, bit I deigress) and for them to make public comments decrying one organization for employing them, while ignoring the fact that they do as well, is hypocritical.

I quoted where Melnyk said this is a league for elite players and that Cooke isn't one and therefore he shouldn't be in the league. He later went on to say "You will forget about guys like him (Cooke) in a year or two because they won't be playing in the league,". He is flat out wrong in that quote. Cooke is a good hockey player and will still be in this league in 3-4 years, assuming he is still healthy at his age. You may not like Cooke, you would be in a large majority of hockey fans, but the fact is that he is an NHL player and a good one at that. Your owner came off as unintelligent and irrational.

Anyway, we obviously won't agree on this issue and I am a visitor on your board so I don't want to push it anymore. So good day.

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