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Agreed...there is no debate

Because as someone who follows the NFL, NBA and European Football religiously...I can assure you, that the amounts of money that NHL players are overpaid compared to players in those sports, is not even close.

Who cares if Josh Gorges is overpaid by 1M...that's nothing compared to what some very average players make in other sports

Do you follow anything other than the NHL by the way?

The 4th highest paid player in the NBA is Amare Stoudamire...he makes just under 20M a year. He's not even averaging 10pts per game this year and is injured almost every year. Up until 2 years ago, the HIGHEST paid player in the NBA was not Lebron James, or Kobe was Rashard Lewis.

Yes...Rashard Lewis

bro Amare is grossly overpaid but he was one the best young players in basketball and was a sought after free agent
he got hurt is injury prone and the Knicks are stupid for overpaying him big time on this contract , prior to this contract he was a top 15 player in the game ,the Knicks paid thinking he would be healthy again

thats not the point , the stars get their money regardless of the sport

forget soccer my friend total corruption, you can buy players , its a totally different league and system

but one thing I will assure you , JJ types wont make this kind of money in most other leagues

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