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02-18-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Engebretson View Post
Hurricane may have gotten something out of it, but that was more like a side effect of the intended purpose of the angle. Instead of pushing Hurricane, this was meant to intensify the Austin/Rock feud. I did enjoy this angle at the time and I loved Hurricane's part in it, but if they wanted Hurricane to be taken more seriously they should have had him win some other way other than by a distraction. If they wanted to get Hurricane over they could have kept this going and even had a PPV blowoff to the feud after WM but I'm pretty sure it fizzled out from there. Heck, Eugene got a win over Kurt Angle in 2005 and even that culminated in a SummerSlam match.
I didn't say it was intended for him to get a push. I said it helped him and it did.

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