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Agreed...there is no debate

Because as someone who follows the NFL, NBA and European Football religiously...I can assure you, that the amounts of money that NHL players are overpaid compared to players in those sports, is not even close.

Who cares if Josh Gorges is overpaid by 1M...that's nothing compared to what some very average players make in other sports

Do you follow anything other than the NHL by the way?

The 4th highest paid player in the NBA is Amare Stoudamire...he makes just under 20M a year. He's not even averaging 10pts per game this year and is injured almost every year. Up until 2 years ago, the HIGHEST paid player in the NBA was not Lebron James, or Kobe was Rashard Lewis.

Yes...Rashard Lewis
yes and when did Rashard get this crazy money , its was many years ago when he was a solid player and someone took a chance that he would be better later on

the point is Rashard wasnt was a JJ average player when he signed that monster deal , it was based on upside down the road plus his team was good and didnt wan to break it up and overpaid to keep him him

JJ is making the same as Marc Staal arguably the best shut down d man in teh game right now ... Jorges is not in his class ...

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