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02-18-2013, 11:47 AM
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Really weak episode imo. The hilites shown last week very different from what transpired on the latest episode. Basically everything shown didn't take place on this episode. It was like a lull before the storm but not a particularly entertaining one.

One of the things that takes this series down jmo, is how much time they spend on character development for characters that end up buying it anyway.

Also the young and the restless episode between Glen and whats her face took up much of the episode. Glen being angry all the time with pent up rage and needing a talking to every 5 mins and the protagonist wandering around the OUTSIDE of the compound insane you wonder how these are the survivors in a post apocalyptic world.

Also, the scenes of spraying fire from a semiautomatic in a world where supplies are very limited and wasting ammo is ridiculous years into the story.

Nitpicking but just a wish that they would keep some plot consistency. One day they have no ammo. Next day its firing like drunken pirates.

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