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02-18-2013, 11:53 AM
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Shaw is far far far better than telus. Telus is basically Bell-West. The optik TV is a cheaply made version of Bell's fibe product. It uses your Internet bandwidth so if you have 25mbps don't expect to get that, and their satellite product is literally Bell's satellites providing the signals which brings issues with line of sight to even be able to get it installed at all. Add in 3 year contracts with ETFs of 1200+ and higher if you take the "free gift" (yes they make you pay for it even if you leave for their **** ups)

Their Internet 85% if the time will route through New York to connect to a server in SF or LA which is **** for gaming and makes streaming or downloading from a west coast server a PITA.

Their telephone is ok but expensive if you want any decent LD package. The major + they have over shaw's phone service is that it will work for more than 1-2 hours if the power goes out, and you cannot collect call a shaw number. There is also restrictions on dialing an operator IIRC.

I worked for Bell so I know the horror stories! Shaw is just better and more willing to give deals to existing customers plus has customer service in Canada...

I personally use AppleTV, Netflix + have my wifes old desktop connected to our smart TV for TV, Shaw 50 for Internet and Vonage for our 2 phone lines + efax and it is all around $100 per month. We were paying $175+ with shaw and telus wanted $200 WITH DISCOUNTS.

Canadian telecom companies make some of the greatest profits % wise per customer in the world so **** them all anyways.

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