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Originally Posted by Killer B View Post
I find it hard to believe that the Bruins would give Bourque special tratment because of who his father is, but there have been some odd decisions that have been hard to rationalize...

- How on earth does Bourque end up on one of the PP units?
- How does Bourque end up in the top 3 of the shootout?
- How on earth does Bourque end up on the 1st line (in Looch's absence)?

I look at how cautiously Seguin was used his first year (3rd or 4th line, sheltered minutes, pressbox, etc) and can't really figure out how and why Chris Bourque has literally been given every chance and opportunity to shine.

Just weird (at least to me)...
My take is this: "Daddy says I get to play." "Daddy says I get to go third in the shootout". "Daddy says I get to be on the PP unit." "Daddy says I get to be on the first line while Looch is gone." j/k

Seriously though. It makes me wonder. Also, Julien had him out there when the Jets pulled their goalie. You know he was just praying for Chris to get an EN goal to help his stats look better.

Is the Lewis/Mowers, Julien/Bourque thing all that far fetched these days? Nope!

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