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12-18-2003, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
Interesting Response..

In my world there is only 1 God ...who is usally too busy to worry about hockey trades, but is concerned about the well being of the players involved..

but Clarke did take a AHL dman, a position of strength and make that asset into a 60 point NHL him additional things to work with...

Just like a big game of world CHESS ...You have to be able to outwit , outlast, yada yada yada etc.. all others..

and I think Fergy is bright guy and you would have to ask yourself..

Why did Clarke make this move when by all accounts Comrie is not a good fit in the East and was not a need at the time, as Philly has depth at center.. So what is he up to.. and Clarke has always been active at the what is that Snake up to what I would be thinking..

It is true in the sense trading players is like making a move on a chess board except for the fact that the chess pieces are inanimate, unfeeling pieces of stone that do not have families, responsibilities, loyalties etc.

Chemistry takes time to develop and needs to be nurtured. This is one area in which I think that Bob Clarke is flawed. He has proven himself to be an insensitive oaf at times. This lack of sensitivity blinds an individual from making optimum personnel decisions. Sure, Bob is an emotional person, but he is definately lacking something.

Guys like Brian Burke, Lou Lamorello, John Ferguson Senior, etc. etc. all are stronger in relating to people than is Bob Clarke, in my opinion.

That is why his "playing footsie" with Mike Comrie's future could completely back fire on him.

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