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Originally Posted by OilersFan1978 View Post
Trust me, as a former Washingtonian who lived just south of Seattle for a good decade, the NBA will have the significant advantage from day one. I don't really care for the NBA or the Sonics--personally I'm just hoping Seattle gets an NHL team--but they would be selling our like crazy even if the team was an expansion team. The Sonics WERE Seattle for years until Schultz did his best impression of Art Modell and all but guaranteed their relocation because he didn't think the deal through. It had nothing to do with fans' support or lack thereof.

There are a lot of NHL fans in the northwest and having the NHL in the northwest will be a huge thing, but it will take time for them to become a proven commodity that people in the northwest will go nuts for on an annual basis just because there's no real NHL tradition there (Metropolitans and Totems don't really count, people, so don't harp on me for that point). Even if the team is a good relocated Coyotes club, it will still take time.
i disagree in somehow an NHL team needing time to develop a fan base in Seattle.

I live in the Tacoma area.

In Washington you have a large % of people who are transplants from northeast , midwest, and Canada.

Seattle area has 2 WHL teams, and in their actual market which would include Washington State and Portland there are 3 other WHL teams.

If you have cable in the Seattle area you get CBC aired (satelitte appears not to carry it).

Hockey will not have any issue in establishing a fanbase.

If hockey were to come in first they would get a head start on marketing than if they waited for an NBA team to come.

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