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Originally Posted by the overrated View Post
I'll ask again, because I don't recall an answer the last time: what makes you think that Neely/Chiarelli/Julien would put out anything less than the line-up that puts the team in the best position to win? Why are they more concerned with throwing a bone to a former Bruin than to winning games?

And, yes, the Lewis/Mowers, Julien/Bourque thing is still very far fetched, IMHO.

Can't be something like that, DKH - no way it's just the coach watching practices and going with what he thinks will win games. It has to be something like "a former player asked us nicely to do this" situation.
There is 0.0 chance that any one of Julien, Chiarelli, Neely, or Bourque pushed for anything of the sort. We're not talking about some Pee Wee travel team where your buddy lent you a snowblower during the blizzard or so and sos mom looks great in yoga pants so we'll throw them a bone. These are people's livelihoods. Do we not think that Julien, Neely, and Chiarelli having drank from the cup don't want a 2nd one even more? These guys will do anything to win.

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