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02-18-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I didn't diagnose anyone. I didn't claim that I knew a time table or even an injury. I offered an alternative view to what could have happened since many make doom and gloom proclamations and they almost never come true.

You don't see the injury. All you see is his reaction.

Also, have you ever gotten the wind knocked out of you? When I played soccer in hs I had a similar thing happen to me as Powe did. I went up for a header, the other guy cut out my legs from under me, i fell straight on my back/ribs. Wind knocked right out of me, i nearly blacked out. I'm sure i looked as dazed as Powe. As for whiplash, in the scenario I gave that would be a viable reason for why they held him out for the rest of the game. Its not uncommon and the way he landed could have more than induced a significant amount of discomfort from, yes, whiplash.
You put forth your assessment same as anyone else did, and you are just as guilty. The difference is, you tried to put yourself on a pedestal; looking down upon us condescendingly and with admonishment, as if we were being irrational or ridiculous with our assessments, when it was you who in fact gave a far more ridiculous scenario. Or two actually. I mean whiplash?? Yeah, whiplash that bad yet they don't carry him off on a board as precaution. Cause like, that makes sense and stuff. And wind knocked out of him? That was the most laughable of all... And yes, trust me, people reading were laughing...

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