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02-18-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Wow, worst defensman on the team, eh? His contributions on offense have diminished, who on this team hasn't had their production diminish?

Edler and Hamhuis have 5 and 4 PP points, at EV strength (where it makes the most sense to make the comparison) Edler has 5, Hamhuis and Bieksa both have 3.
Not necessarily in terms of production but instead being a guy that catalyzes the offense by getting the puck moving out of the defensive zone efficiently and smartly joining the rush.

Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Okay, enough with this. Players (excepting goalies) bring a skill-set to a team. Looking at the Canucks' defense, there is only one player with a multi-dimensional skill set - Bieksa. He has both offensive talents, and he's tough to play against. The rest of the Canucks' D are one dimensional players. We see them as either an offensive player, or a defensive player, but none of the others has the physical 'edge' of Bieksa. Therefore, when that one aspect of their game does not out weigh their deficiencies, they appear to be hurting the team. (and they are!)
Physical play, like anything else a player does, is not valuable in and of itself - it's valuable to the extent that it helps the team score or prevent goals. Those are the only two things that ultimately determine who wins and loses the game. Describing physical play as the same as those two other things is asinine. It's like saying Patrick Kane is especially valuable because he's a good stickhandler.

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