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02-18-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
I hate my Shaw TV service. watching on delay (where you've paused for a few minutes) its glichy as hell and drives us nuts. The PVR fails to record when it looks like it is. And it will go through phases where the PVR will freeze and reset itself... Drives me nuts!

Optic TV looks awesome. Great reviews froms friends. I got the 1st generation Telus internet tv and it was brutal. when back to Shaw... but since Optic came out.
Using Optic's on screen guides and menu is so cool compared to Shaw.

There is NO comparison to the 2 internet systems tho... Shaw is awesome. Reliable as hell. Had nothing but problems with Telus internet.

As much as I hate the PVR at times... I like the no contract, the channel organization, the HD channels, cost, and are generally just very comfortable with it.

But i will curse the hell outta of it at least once a week and threathen to throw it out the window. I'm hoping its just that i need a new PVR since this one is like 3-4 yrs.. But i want to make sure it is before i go spend another few hundred on a new one and end up with the same issues.

So overall..
Internet - Shaw
TV - Telus Optic, but i'm favoring the devil i don't know vs the one i know.
This is completely false. Telus shares bandwidth with all their products. What does this mean? When watching hockey or anything, you're actually sharing your bandwidth with all Telus products in your house. Meaning even having your phone hooked up causes delays to your TV and net.

Don't believe me? Call in and ask yourself. I had a buddy who lived right next to me who was watching the game the same time I was like, his feed was more than 10 seconds delayed than the Shaw feed.

Certainly their promos are better, but than again I hate contracts so Telus can suck my left nut. Plus they're bleeding money in their TV dept.

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