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Jets D Update

in ES TOI/gp order
Bogosian 0.165 33.3 -02.3 01.40 23.8 28.0 1.40
Byfuglien 1.905 52.6 -07.3 -05.38 30.7 29.4 0.63
Enstrom 0.496 50.3 -13.5 -08.47 28.6 25.1 1.59
Hainsey 0.345 43.5 -21.4 -12.66 27.8 25.7 0.23
Redmond -2.014 50.0 21.3 19.54 28.8 16.7 0.93
Stuart -0.036 43.8 -01.7 -0.55 24.0 24.0 0.27
Postma -1.688 59.8 24.0 18.11 30.3 25.1 1.04
Clitsome -0.762 60.3 13.2 08.73 29.4 31.2 0.92
Bogosian: Two game sample size so everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but doesn't look like he's missed a beat coming back. Those SF/SA are likely due to sample size and the crazy OZS%. I hope he gets some time beside Buff because 1) I'm nervous about all this top pair TOI Hainsey keeps getting and 2) Bogo on the leftside can prep him for when Trouba enters our top4.
Byfuglien: Buff is a high risk/high reward guy. Problem is without Enstrom, I fear how much risk is being/goingtobe exploited. Also problem, Byfuglien's reward isn't as high. He's currently scoring at exactly half as often as last season per a min although Enstrom's pt/min seems to have gone up for exactly as much as Buff's has gone down.
Enstrom: Rough... Enstrom has NEVER been a negative possession guy in his career and this is sad to see. IMHO Byfuglien works best with a (healthy) Enstrom and Enstrom works best with a (healthy) Byfuglien... and (also IMHO) we've only had 5 games like that (interestingly we were 3-2-1 then and the two of them were both in the positives for possession then).
Hainsey: I fight tooth and nail that this guy is a legit #4, but he will never be mistaken as a #2. He even looked ok as a #3 with Stu. But, as a #2... sorry Ron, but I'm not supporting you there and the numbers don't either.
Redmond: His SA aren't really regressing to a more normal number very fast which is nice to see as it means he's probably doing low 20s lately. Both Redmond and Postma are an upgrade on Clitsome who ended 6th in our depth over last season. I'll take Redmond and Postma over Jones and Flood any day of the year. I think these guys are ready for a bit tougher assignments so hopefully Noel can relax the load on the top guys a bit soon as they are drowning.
Stuart: I still don't think this guy is top4 and can be a liability while without the reward part Byfuglien or Postma bring... but I will give credit when it's due. He did pretty decent in second pair with Hainsey or Redmond and he's doing pretty decent on the third pair. He still puts himself out of position at times when he goes for hits or blocks, but it's less than last season. Hasn't fixed the offensive plug thing though.
Postma: His game is a bit risk/reward like Byfuglien, but similarly to Buff I've noticed the risks keep shrinking as time goes on; good ol' Huddy. Just like Redmond, Postma has been a promising player even if they have both been sheltered severely.
Clitsome: Yes, he is the worst of the bunch, and yes he's had some scary moments... but, TBH he's pretty good for a #8. Last season the #8 was flood and Clitsome seems to create/score more and allow less than Flood (or even the Clitsome of last season)

Overall the Jets D seem to be having some issues of late. The only D pairs that seem to be doing well are the pairs that are getting more of the sheltered match-ups.
I said it before this season started. This team is a 8th/7th playoff seed team on two conditions: somewhat healthy top3 D and league average goaltending... unfotunately we have yet to have that.

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