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02-18-2013, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
Yes, he did. But we gotta be keyboard tough guys around here
nothing tough about it, you posted a rethorical question, I just gave you confirmation, why jumping on right away it is more to bring the point to the topic we are discussing. I have no desire for personal interactions here, don't care about it
the question here is does he have another two years in him:
He signed 1.5 M/year two year contract when he was 18-20 and 17-20 player for two years before. After he signed 2-year deal he had 25-34 year last year and is on pace to have 21-15 year (as soon as Sid starts scoring more goals his assist number will go up I hope), so the real question is does he deserve next 2-year 4 mil contract. That is 1 million dollar difference in two years. I have a pretty good job but that is not kind of money you leave on the table.

Kennedy was awarded with the same 2year-4 mil contract after his 21-24 season, since than his last season was 11-22 and he is on the pace to have a whooping 3-3 season.

Considering Duper's fittness and excellent physical condition, I cannot beleive that there will not be takers for 2year-4M if not higher....

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