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Originally Posted by PhillyPhinn View Post
What? Tim is pronounced 100% same in both finnish and english. Tim isn't pronounced like "Taim" in finnish, if that's what you're alluding to. Saying that tea-monen is correct, as long as the "tea" is short makes no sense to an english speaker, because the vowel sound is never short in the word "tea".

Every letter in the finnish alphabet is pronounced the same way, EVERY TIME, no matter whether they start a word, are in the middle of a word, or are at the end of the word. If there are two of the same letter, then you just stretch out the sound. In finnish "Tim" is pronounced like "Tim" in english. "Tiim" in finnish would be pronounced like "Team" in english. The same vowel sound, just stretched out. That's what makes finnish relatively easy, once you've learned the alphabet.

The letter 'o' in finnish is pronounced like the 'o' in most british english words, and the 'o' in Timonen is pretty much the same as the 'o' in Colin. But I mean the british way, not the american "cawl-in".
I think im starting to figure out the confusion. However, this is a discussion we may fail at resolving since we cant actually speak with each other

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