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02-18-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
IIRC, last season there were 3 games shown simultaneously. So the east coast had BUF-PIT, most of the midwest had DET-CHI, and STL and the west coast had STL-SJ. More markets having their local team to watch = much greater rating than only 2 markets having that.
thank you my friend. i get it now. i actually had no idea they counted all 3 games as 1 rating. i thought it was per game. so are you telling me that if wings/chi played at same time and got a 0.8, PIT/buf gets 0.7, and stl/sj got 0.7 that NBC will say they got a 2.2 for NBC yesterday??

Day 1 this yr, CHI/LA and PIT/PHI got a 1.3 according to nbc. so are you saying that it wasn't 1.3 for each game and that it was like 0.7 for chi/la and maybe 0.6 for pit/phi???

if that's the case, i am shocked and happy with yesterday's ratings? and if i understood your explanation, thanks for teaching me this.

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