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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
DB is doing fine and its important to have continuity. Like I keep saying, fans turn on every coach, so any new coach has his honeymoon period, then he starts getting criticized. I'd rather see DB work on his weaknesses and grow as a coach, than start over. I still have faith in him, even though I hate his biased attitude towards vets.

People are seeing with BB that these kids don't come in and set the world on fire. It isn't a coincidence Tangradi's best two games as a pro were as a Jet, where he is getting legit third line minutes. It isn't a difficult concept to grasp, but bitter fans would rather rip on a prospect than accept you have to be patient.

We'll see how BB, Despres and Bort develop under DB. I want to give him credit if they develop and will gladly do so, but for now I don't like what he is doing. This goes beyond benching rookies who don't deserve it... It is his lack of trust in these guys that pisses me off.

When injuries hit, Bort and Despres got a lot of minutes, even PK and PP time and they added an element the team lacked for yrs. They made mistakes, but their play was overall positive and they played well. Now they are being benched/having their minutes cut, etc.

DB needs to start trusting these guys so they can develop and be ready for the playoffs. They have several more rookies who could make the jump next season. At some point you have to play these guys and accept you will have a couple rookies on your blueline. With so many in the pipeline, it is inevitable.

I honestly would rather have Bort and Despres in the lineup come playoff time than Nisky. I think Nisky doesn't bring the size or physical edge these two have... I also suspect Nisky may wear down in a physical series/as the team gets deeper into the playoffs.
you probably forgot more about hockey this morning than I will ever know (to use this cliche) but I am really curios how you figure this out. I really really like Niskanen, I watch him closely. The big concern on him what Kirk brought up first having watch him in Dallas, was that he got scared after gets hit, starts hearing footsteps, that still is a little bit true but I watch him and I see guy who gets to the puck fast who escapes majority of forechecks, who plays smart with the stick, who has high IQ with the puck, who is confident to pinch in on the blue line (which is what we desperatly need), who can put the puck on the net....I see all of that and somehow there is this stigma he is not good for playoffs, based on what? last year? if that's the case I don't want to see Orpik on the team comes play off cause he stunk not just last year but year before too, how about Martin, Engo? None of these I would rather have than Niskanen.

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